IMG_0433good morning!

somewhat rare for me to be writing so frequently but i do suppose there’s something i absolutely must get off my chest. you see, i work now in an industry that involves very close contact with (pseudo)celebrities & personalities. the reason i label them as such is because everybody’s a celebrity/personality unless otherwise proven. me being on various different channels of social media with my 33171300094583726 selfies & 496384271011176946724798999 followers says something everything about me as a human being in this society, surely. but here’s something everybody forgets:

followers are easily attainable & there are so many means & ways one can cheat these “statistics.”

so unless you’re actually a human being with some amount of substance to you (whatever that may be), you’re really pretty much just another nobody. to me, at least.

the one gauge i do have & use to measure somebody for being a true somebody (of worth) is how they treat not just themselves but everybody else around them. yesterday, i received a text message off one of these Somebody of Nobody Town which went something along the lines of:

if there is no payment, what would make you think anybody would want to do this?

bearing in mind that this wasn’t the first time this Somebody of Nobody Town has condescended to me this way, i lashed back in masked “sweetness” that not everything everybody does is for monetary gain & that i was merely doing my job by asking the question because at the end of the day, regardless, i’d always be in a position where i’m damned if i do, damned if i don’t.

everything was said & left in text. but the feeling i took away from that last conversation was everything that, i suppose, in another world should i be a “person of power”, would have destroyed this person’s reputation to me once & for all.

quickly, after, there was mention that Somebody of Nobody Town will make exceptions thus, i should not refrain from ever asking regarding unpaid projects but after receiving this same sort of backhanded berating, what would ever make you think that i would even want to ask or approach you purely on basic courtesy? i really just won’t, honestly speaking.dna112you know, there’s a lot that people have been careless to consider. these days, the internet is so easily accessible to everyone everywhere that it really doesn’t take too much to become “famous overnight.” but ask yourself & always ask yourself this: are you famous for the right reason(s)?

because a bad reputation no matter how “outdated” will never stop haunting you & you will wear that bad rep like a sorry stink wherever you go, whatever you do & whoever it is you become.

my point is here that i abhor people with an ego larger than their actual significance in society. if you’re a little gremlin with enough fingers to master Blogspot, Twitter, Instagram, etc. & consider yourself this great big huge mega superstar in your own dusty little corner of the World Wide Web then, well & good. but to everyone else, your shit will still stink. making you no better than anybody, really.

in university, the one lesson that has stuck with me years after is not pertaining to any one module but it did, in fact, come from a very wise man who chose one day (for whatever reason) to digress from the usual lesson plan to drum into us that it really doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like or where you come from. people are only just people. but what will always be remembered, what people will hold onto is, how & what it was you made them feel.